Founded by author and shopping guru Paco Underhill, Envirosell is a global shopper research and consulting agency specialising in the study of human behaviour in retail, service, home, and online environments. We study where products, people and services meet. We are in the business of generating results, not just data. Our work has been profiled in a variety of publications, such as The Times, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal Europe. 

Envirosell’s strategic partner in the UK is HPI, leading independent research agency with a strong pedigree in brand and communication development.


The world of retail will change more in the next five years than it has in the past 100.

Paco Underhill


Inspired by the methodologies of urbanist William H. Whyte, Paco Underhill founded the first iteration of Envirosell in New York in 1977. His strong environmental planning background supported his lofty goal—to optimise the environments in which we live.

His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, was an internationally recognised bestseller and has been published in 27 languages.



Mark Pingol


Head of Envirosell UK

Mark is Managing Director at Envirosell UK. He was previously at the New York office for over 12 years leading research projects and consulting on store issues for a wide variety of global brands. His experience and expertise is with store planning and visual merchandising projects.

Paco Underhill


Founder of Envirosell

While still the guiding visionary of Envirosell, today Paco spends most of his days on the road, delivering keynote speeches for conferences, universities and corporations. From buying behaviour to consumerism in the modern world, Paco’s insightful and entertaining presentations have been lauded worldwide.