What separates us from every other consulting firm? For one, our 30-year foundation of shopper behaviour research. We guide retail strategies for some of the top brands and retailers. We’re active in the evolution of retail and services across channels and categories. As your marketplace realities change, we’re right there with our critical eye, advising at every stage.



Group sessions conducted with your teams to educate, co-create, and provide inspiration and guidelines for new projects and challenges. Workshops might cover any topics that contribute to the overall Shopper Experience: Capture Power, De-Compression, Communication, Merchandising, Product Adjacencies, Sales Associate interactions, and Conversion. We work with you to tailor the agenda to your specific needs and create a focused session that engages the team and generates new ideas and strategies.

Store walk-throughs


Gain insight into the marketplace in a more fun and memorable way than reading a report. For our store walk-throughs, we put together a ‘walking tour’ tailored to your needs and interests. While exploring new retail concepts, we show what’s working–and what’s not–from a customer point of view. Store walk-throughs provide meaningful insights into the realities of retail and the factors that affect retail businesses.



Leveraging learnings from Envirosell’s 30-year history of consumer behaviour research, our seasoned consultants bring our critical eye to all parts of the retail experience: store design, customer-service practices, signage, digital elements. From store development to category management, Envirosell can help create tangible strategies to optimise retail environments.



Provocative, inspiring, and informative–these are some of the words used to describe Envirosell speaking engagements. We draw on decades of retail experience and insight to customise events for your needs, covering anything from niche sector topics to macro trends.