Because the shopper journey is not a one-size-fits-all model, we tailor our approach to each client’s unique goals. In-store research has always been our core competency, but we also use diverse methods to explore the fluid and complex path to purchase. And beyond just delivering data, we draw on our 30-year experience to identify creative solutions that produce a lasting impact.


Understanding omnichannel

Increasingly, customers expect a seamless experience online, in store, and on apps. Creating an integrated presence across channels is not an advantage for a retailer — it’s a necessity. By investigating how, when, and why shoppers use each channel, we identify opportunities for features and service offerings and work out how to maximise each aspect of the experience.


Understanding path to purchase

The shopper journey is no longer linear: the explosion of media, products, and retail environments means that consumers take a fluid path to purchase that can involve online research, word of mouth, multiple store visits when it comes to buying decisions. We engage with shoppers at home, online, and in stores, we make sense of this complex route and provide brand, creative, and merchandising teams with the knowledge they need to connect with their customers.


Understanding in-store behaviour

The store is far from dead — you just might not recognise it anymore. No longer simply a place where products are sold, the modern store delivers experiences that involve shoppers and drive loyalty. Discovering how shoppers interact in stores gives our clients concrete knowledge to create new features, functions, and experiences. We understand the fundamentals of shopping: it’s our heritage


Understanding customer flow

Analysing how people move through space has been at the heart of Envirosell since our founding. We study customer flow to find solutions that aid navigation, reduce queue times, ease congestion, and make environments more enjoyable places to be. And that doesn’t just mean stores–it also means airports, hotel lobbies, train stations, event spaces, and anywhere else people and places meet.


Category optimisation

The in-store purchase decision comes down to the right layout, product mix, adjacencies, pricing, and merchandising. We observe real shoppers on real shopping missions to find out how they really navigate a category. Our insights help clients optimise planograms, merchandising, and package designs and stand out from the competition.


Signage impact

The right messaging can make all the difference, but often signage is designed and reviewed in studios and never assessed in the environment where it is actually viewed. Creating optimal signage requires a close look to assess whether signs are getting the right messages across. Our research uncovers which signage strategies work and which don’t to guide clients in creating relevant content that is presented in the best way.